expert advice (consultancy):

There are two different types of cooking consultancy: “Cooking course or patisserie for companies and privates”, “Specific advice for catering”. Both typologies have been studied and set up in order to value the local products. The courses or menu will be created according to the companies' requests.

Cooking course or patisserie for companies and privates

It is possible to develop the course in different ways in order to satisfy at best the applicant's requirements.

Following, some examples of how these courses can be developed:

  • Intensive course of 2 days: a full culinary immersion of 16 hours: 2 theoretical with written notes and illustrations and 14 hours of practical activity.
  • Extended course: It will be held during several days separated by one week interval. The private or company will be followed for a longer period in order to meet with their requests. It is possible, whenever needed, to adjust the suggested topics.

Specific advice for catering

This is a specific program offered to companies involved with catering services. The course deals with the production theme in addition to other topics like the choice of suppliers, evaluation of catering activity, SWOT analysis, Menu Engineering, Budget, marketing plan, food cost.

chef at home

My aim is to bring to your own home a high quality service as you can find in the best restaurants. Offering a menu, combined with quality wines, that best meets your desires: a travel discovering different flavours and tastes.